Happy Dog Agility Champions

Kelly Lieberthal & Reggie


USDAA Championship 26"
JCH- Silver
TM- Bronze
RCH- Bronze
SACH- Bronze
SCH- Silver

Performance 22"
PSCH- Silver
PJCH- Silver
PKCH- Silver
PRCH- Bronze
2011 Performance 22" Top Ten (1st place) Standard
2011 Performance 22" Top Ten (1st place) Snooker
2011 Performance 22" Top Ten Jumpers
2011 Performance 22" Top Ten Gamblers

LAA Bronze
LAA Standard- Gold
LAA Jumpers- Platinum
LAA Snooker- Platinum
LAA Gamblers- Bronze
LAA Relay- Gold
LAA Tournaments- Gold




Reggie is my ultimate black dog andI have a deep connection with this boy. Reggie is my first border collie and holds a very special place in my heart. I adopted him from a rescue in Pennsylvania in July of 2004 at 6 months old and he made his first move from Pennsylvania to my home in California. Since then he has seen me through getting married, adding a third and fourth dog, and the birth of two boys.

Once we had gotten back to CA Ineeded to find an outlet for this boy. Reggie came to me as a very insecure, passive, low drive puppy. So my vet suggested this training facility in Moorpark called Happy Dog Agility. I have been training at Happy Dog since the spring of 2007. And didn’t start competing and trialing until the winter of 2008 shortly after my first son Merek was born.

Reggie and I started this journey together not knowing what either of us had gotten ourselves into. I had no idea what agility was. After a few short years we have come a huge distance and we are an amazing team. We have worked very hard to get to where we are now. He is the most amazing partner. This boy can run any course with such gracefulness and ease of any dog I have seen. There isn’t a sweeter soul out there than Reggie. He never ceases to amaze me and I am so glad that my first agility dog that has taken me on this journey is Reggie. I can’t wait to see what else we can accomplish in the future.

Reggie was and always will be our family dog first and my agility star second. Reggie is definitely a “working dog” and is happiest when he is herding the boys around and has a job to do. His first love is children and his second love is agility



Kelly Lieberthal & Bindi




PDCH Bindi

Bindi is my funny redhead. Bindi was born in October of 2006, and I got her from a breeder here in Southern California. I started training Bindi the same time I started training Reggie in the spring of 2007. The only difference was that Reggie was 3 years old and Bindi was 6 months old… and I still had no idea what I was doing. Both Bindi and Reggie were family dogs first then being thrown into starter tester agility dogs second.

Bindi has a definite spunk for life and agility. She is my little red-tri Australian Shepherd who is a definite mommas girl. She loves going out there just so she can play with her momma. Bindi is incredibly athletic, smart and easy to work with. She enjoys the game greatly and brings 100% to anything we are doing. I am really lucky to have her as an agility partner.

Bindi is my heart and soul. I have such a special bond with her, which makes her the perfect partner. Bindi has a wonderful foundation and it shows when we compete. She seems to read my mind and running her feels effortless. She goes everywhere with me and does not like to be away from me. We are very connected and she is a joy to have in my life! It is amazing to have such a wonderful little red dog.

PDCH Bronze
PGCH Bronze
PKCH Platinum
2010 Performance 16" Top Ten Snooker
2011 Performance 16" Top Ten Snooker



Diann Alexander & Tinkerbell






MACH2 PDCH Tinkerbell

Starting her illustrious career at Happy Dog puppy classes, MACH 2 Tinkerbell (AKC Master Agility Champion twice) is the only Yorkshire Terrier to earn the MXF (Master Excellent FAST) title. She has competed successfully in both the 2011 and 2011 AKC National Invitational Events.

In USDAA, Tinkerbell is the #2 all-time Yorkshire Terrier. She is the only Yorkie to earn a PDCH, which she earned here at Happy Dog in July 2011. Also in 2011,Tinkerbell successfully competed at her first Regional and Cynosport Events.

The rest of her alphabet soup as of 2011 is:


MACH2 Tinkerbell MXF

2011 #3 Invitational Yorkshire Terrier

2011 #3 MACH Yorkshire Terrier

2010 #2 Invitational Yorkshire Terrier

2010 #2 MACH Yorkshire Terrier


#2 All Time Yorkshire Terrier

Performance Dog Champion

Performance Tournament Master


For you newcomers, it was not evident for the first few years that 8” Tinkerbell would be such an accomplished agility dog. HANG IN THERE!!! It will truly change and bless your life J


Karen VanHoy & Waggz




Waggz is a wonderful Agility partner as he really lives only to please me, we really do have a special bond. He would do Agility all day long if he could.

We have enjoyed our classes at Happy Dog and enjoyed the new friends that we have made along the way. Soon I will be taking a 3rd generation of my Border Collies to Happy Dog for classes. The bond that Agility creates between you and your dog does really makes for a happy handler and a happy dog.


Alijean Harmetz & Jason




ADCH-Bronze C-ATCH Jason

Bio Pending


Alijean Harmetz & Marlowe



ADCH - Platinum, MACH, O-NATCH, C-ATCH Laurel Mist Private Eye CDX, RE

Bio Pending




Jodi Thurman and Bailey




ADCH Thurmans Miss Bailey

I got Bailey from Donna O'Neill of O'Neill Horse Farms in Waukon, IA. She was born December 6, 2003. I came across her totally by accident as I did not even know that Miniature Australian Shepherds existed at that time. I grew up with the standard size aussies so that is what I was used to. But I came across her and totally fell in love. Plus I did not want a big dog as I wanted something that would get along well with my chihuahuas. She is an awesome dog, so willing to learn and so smart. We started our training by taking a puppy class at PetSmart and then on to agility. We have been going strong ever since.

We have definitely had our ups and downs but finally within the last year she has really come into her own. We placed 5th at the 2009 Cynosport World Games Grand Prix and are looking to defend and do better this year in 2010 in Kentucky. Also in May 2, 2010 we finally got our last snooker super q. It only took us more than a year from our first one to get our third. We are now well on our way to our ADCH bronze.

Even though Bailey has her "snarfing' issues with other dogs as well as a mind of her own sometimes, I love her to pieces and would not trade her for anything in the world.



Mandolina Moon & Briar-Rose



ADCh Shywing's Briar-Rose
(Australian Shepherd)
GCh-S, RCh-Br, TM-Br, SCh, JM, SAM
CL3-S, CL3-F, CL2-H, CL3-R

Briar-Rose is my second Agility Dog Champion. She might as well have been my first, considering all the handling I've had to re-learn, for us, to become a competitive team. My first agility dog, Phantom, was a long-legged, GSD-Mix. During our twelve years together we gained the proficiency and experience necessary, to garner seven Agility Championships.

With Briar-Rose, "fire toes," "rocket dog," short, fast, Aussie, I've had to learn a whole new way of handling. I'm loving the challenge of honing these new-ish, different agility skills. Kind of like the challenge of getting to the next level on a video game - only with more exercise - and with a dog. Nothing beats the feeling of you and your dog, working fluently together, "in the zone" on the agility course. Fluid movement, perfect timing, knowing which part you each play - and playing it to perfection. It's these moments that keep me coming back to Agility. As for Briar-Rose, she just loves "the wild hunt." With maniacal barking - beating fiercely, like a winter gale, - she chases her prey over the hills and valleys of the contacts, through the brambles of the weave poles, and leaping over the streams and fallen logs, of the assorted jumps. I know she's had a great time when, at the end of the run, she rewards herself by grabbing her leash and shaking the daylights out it. I think it's these moments that keep Briar-Rose coming back to Agility.


Phyllis Bradford & Pixie




This is the story of my wonderful little dog, Pixie. My good friends, Kristy and Cathy, kept insisting that I needed a puppy since my Brittany and American Eskimo Dog were ready to be retired. I told them that I was too old to get a puppy, at 76 years old, I'd never keep up with one!

Then one day, they came over for dinner and on arrival, told me there was something in my driveway that I needed to look at. I went out, and there was this small dog crate with a puppy in it.

I told them I wouldn't keep her and that they had to take her back. The breeder was a student of Kristy's in West LA so I told her that I'd keep her until she went back to work a few days later. Kristy said, "OK". But for some reason, I didn't call her to pick up the little puppy.

I talked to Kristy again and told her that she HAD to take the puppy back the next week. By then, it was too late, Pixie was mine!

So the training began, and I was so lucky because Kristy was starting to train Dabbie and we trained together. How lucky could I be!

Pixie is all I could ever ask for as an agility dog and as my companion. She's earned her MACH and her ADCH title and we're still going strong!


Dwight Endres & Zooma




ADCH Tiara Mayan Treasure

I got Zooma when he was 6 months old. This was my first true agility dog and what a handful he was. He had a special drive compared to other standard Poodles. He was also very prey driven which did cause quite a stir when I first started to take agility classes.  I never had a “prey” driven dog.  Thank goodness Daneen Fox was an instructor at Happy Dog.  She knew exactly how to get him under control.  If it weren’t for Daneen, I would not be writing this article.

We earned our ADCH in 2010, and our ADCH Bronze in 2011. Zooma will always be very special to me. He is always challenging the Border Collies in his class. He has a tendency to get frustrated with me on the course, but when we are on, we are really on.

Looking forward to competing in our second USDAA Nationals


Eric Swanson & Molly




PDCH Bronze Butterfield's Miss Molly

Molly is a beautiful chocolate lab, my first agility dog and my best friend. When Molly was a puppy, there was an agility field next to her veterinarian’s office. She took her first puppy obedience class in that field, and I would eye the equipment and say, “Molly should do that.” That is how our long journey began.

We began to train at Happy Dog, and that is when we really came together as an agility team. You can hear her exuberant “woof, woof” at trials because she loves to run and also because sometimes gives me heck on the course for not giving her information fast enough. We work well together and she always reliably gives 100% or more. Her incredible personality shines through at any show. She likes to visit, be petted, and collect treats from everyone around.

This year, we are concentrating on finishing up her MACH. She’s just a few double Q’s away….


Performance 22"
PDCH - Bronze
PSCH- Standard
PJCH- Silver
PKCH- Gold
PGCH - Bronze
PRCH- Bronze
2011 Performance 22" Top Ten (4th place) Standard
2011 Performance 22" Top Ten (7th place) Snooker
2011 Performance 22" Performance Grand Prix Regional Finalist (4th place)
2011 Performance 22" Performance Grand Prix National Semi-Finalist
2008 Performance 22" Performance Grand Prix National Semi-Finalist



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