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Happy Dog Agility Instructors

BettyAnn Endres


Silver: Gamblers
ADCH Bronze: Snooker, Relay, Gamblers

Tournament Masters

ADCH Champion Title

ExB – Jumpers and Standard


BettyAnn started agility in Pennsylvania in 2001 with her 3 year old rescued Standard Poodle, Heidi.  Shortly after that, she started her second rescued Standard Poodle, Silke in the sport.  Unfortunately, both dogs had to be retired in 2006, Silke for medical reasons and Heidi because of anxiety issues while on the course.

In early 2006, she began running Kristy’s Border Collie, Dabbie, while Kristy recovered from foot surgery.  Betty Anne qualified in the USDAA Performance National Standard, Performance Speed Jumping, and the Performance Versatility Pairs. By qualifying with Dabbie, she was able to compete in the 2007 Cynosport World Games in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Being a rather novice handler, BettyAnn did awesome, earning a first place in PVP and second in the Performance National Standard Quarterfinals.

BettyAnn is a kind and patient instructor who really enjoys working with new students.  She teaches the beginning level handling classes and substitutes for the Advanced and Masters handling classes.  Her students enjoy her classes and come away from agility with a feeling of accomplishment and joy at working as a team with their dogs.

Betty Ann is currently compting with her Border Collie, Razor. She has earned several Championships, including the ADCH Silver in Gamblers as well as ADCH Bronze in Snooker, Relay, and Tournaments. She qualified and competed at the 2010 Cynosports Games and plans on attending the 2012 USDAA Nationals in Denver, CO.


Elina Heine



Elina Heine started Dog Agility in 1994 with a 2 year old rescued Doberman Pinscher as an attempt to socialize her. They both "got the Agility bug" after about 1 month of training and were in their first show within 6 months. It has been her passion since then.

Currently, her teammates are a 7 year old Border Collie named Turbo and a 4 year old Australian Shepard named Jett. She is also blessed with a helper, her son Miguel (pictured on left), who already shows promise as an agility addict.

Turbo, (pictured left), performs at the Excellent level in AKC and the Masters level in USDAA. His most recent achievement is to be in the Top 10 for Performance Jumpers. He has earned his AKC, MX and MXJ titles. He is a very hard working dog and has successfully returned to Agility after bilateral hip surgery.

Ivanhoe's Cleared for Takeoff, "Jett " (pictured left) has his Novice titles in USDAA and NADAC and his Advanced titles in AKC. He is a very athletic and playful dog, who is a joy to work with.



John Stires


John and Matilda

John's K9 experience started in the US Navy where he trained hundreds of dogs for the Department of Defense, Secret Service, US Customs and countless Police Agencies for over 10 years. He trained dogs for police work, including drug and explosive detection as well as patrol. John was awarded numerous “Dog Handler/Trainer of the Month, Quarter and Year” awards. He is also a certified Kennel Master, the highest level in this specialty field.

His vast expertise in canine behavior and training techniques make him an excellent addition to Happy Dog. John joined Happy Dog in 2006 and is speeding through the USDAA agility titles with his Australian Shepherd, “Mattie”  He has already earned his ADCH title and has qualified for the 2008 & 2009 USDAA Grand Prix, Steeplechase, and Dog Agility Masters Tournament. They will be attending their first USDAA National event in Scottsdale in 2009.

John is the proud ‘daddy’ of 5 dogs, Tank, Trinket, Mattie, Banjo and Noodles. He has just started training his youngest dog, Banjo, in agility.


Mia Grant















Mia Grant has been teaching agility for over 10 years for facilities in Santa Barbara,Ventura and San Luis Obispo County, plus traveling out-of-state to teach seminars. She’s worked with dogs her entire life and discovered agility in 2000. She has had the pleasure to help a diverse variety of dogs and people. She feels the fun of the sport is the most important thing for both the dog and the handler. Mia focuses on positive training methods for agility, using lots of toys and cookies (for the dogs). Her classes benefit teams with all levels of interest in agility, from the casual enthusiast, to teams that want to compete at the highest levels. She has attended many seminars/workshops/private lessons with top level trainers and continues to do so, to stay on top of the latest developments in the sport.
With her amazing teammates Mia has earned 4 ADCH, 4 ADCH-Bronze/Lifetime Achievement Bronze, 2 ADCH-Silver/Lifetime Achievement Silver, a Lifetime Achievement Gold, 2 PDCH, a PDCH-Bronze and a PDCH-Silver. She and her teammates have been ranked in the Top 10 14 times (with 3 different dogs) and been in 12 National Finals.

Mia presently shares her home with two Border Collies, Starlet and Vic. Starlet is a gorgeous 9 year old Border Collie that came to Mia as a re-home when she was 11 months old. She has been the teacher of many lessons, coming to Mia with significant confidence issues. By learning how to play and lots of high value cookies, Starlet has really blossomed. In 2009, Starlet finished her ADCH-Bronze/Lifetime Achievement Bronze to enter the USDAA Hall of Fame and is now enjoying the good life in her early retirement.
Mia’s youngest dog, 4 year old Vic, came to her from England. As a two year old, Vic finished his ADCH, was ranked in the Top 10 in Jumpers and won several Grand Prix and Steeplechase classes at local trials. He was also ranked in the Top 10 in Jumpers in 2010 and was the #1 22″ Snooker dog in the country! In 2011, Mia moved Vic up to 26″ to try out for the IFCS World Team. At the 2011 Cynosports World Games, they made the DAM Finals, taking 3rd in Team Relay and also made the Grand Prix Finals with another podium finish, earning the bronze medal. Most exciting about 2011 is that Vic and Mia did make the IFCS World Team and are very excited about representing the USA in 2012 at the IFCS World Championship.

Before Vic and Starlet, were two very special dogs. Mia lost her original agility teammate, Max, an Australian Cattledog/Border Collie mix in 2009. Max was a tremendous first agility dog, allowing Mia to really develop her handling techniques. He accomplished many great things in the agility ring, in addition to being the best dog ever.

Roxanne, a pound rescue who hadn’t had the best start in life was Mia’s first dog, but didn’t compete much in agility. She is the dog that taught Mia the joys of positive training and remains Mia’s inspiration in teaching others.

In addition to her own dogs, Mia has also had the pleasure of training/handling a very talented Aussie, named Finn, for Betty Brooks. He has also been the teacher of many lessons, but his enthusiasm and power have always been fun to work with. It was with Finn that Mia had her biggest win to date, when they won the Performance National Standard Championship in 2008.

Mia's dogs and their accomplishments:

ADCH-Bronze, LAA-Bronze TM-Gold JCH-Silver SCH-Silver SACH-Bronze RCH-Bronze GCH-Bronze AX AXJ
2007 DAM Team Tournament Finalist
2005 Performance National Standard Finalist (4th)

ADCH-Silver Touchango Victory Dance LAA-Silver TM-Platinum SACH-Gold SCH-Gold, JCH-Gold, GCH-Gold, RCH-Silver
2012 IFCS World Team Member (26″)
2011 Grand Prix Finalist 26″ (3rd place)
2011 DAM Finalist (with Barbara Persson/Speck and Gerry Brown/Raptor)
2010 #1 Snooker (22″)
2010 Top 10 Jumpers
2009 Top 10 Jumpers

Finn (owned by Betty Brooks)
ADCH-Bronze PDCH-Silver Kachina Mtn’s Grand Finale LAA-Gold TM-Platinum SACH-Gold SCH-Gold JCH-Gold RCH-Bronze GCH-Bronze ATD-Platinum, ASD-Silver, AKD-Gold, AJD-Gold, AGD-Silver, ARD-Silver, AX MXJ EAC OGC EJC RS-E GS-O JS-E
2010 Top 10 Performance Snooker and Gamblers (22″)
2010 #1 Performance Jumpers (22″)
2009 Performance Versatility Pairs Finalist (4th with Kristi Cetrulo and Cinder)
2009 Performance Top 10 in all classes
2009 #1 in PIII Jumpers (22″)
2008 Performance National Standard Champion (22″)
2008 Performance Versatility Pairs Finalist (3rd with Kristi Cetrulo and Cinder)
2008 Performance Top 10 Snooker
2007 ASCA All-Breed Tour Large Dog Champion
2005 DAM Team Tournament Finalist

Waiting at the bridge:

ADCH-Silver APD Maximum LAA-Silver SACH-Gold SCH-Silver RCH-Silver GCH-Silver
JCH-Silver TM-Gold ATD-Bronze ASD-Silver AGD-Silver AKD-Bronze AJD PR3
2008 Veterans All-Around Champion 16″
2007 Performance Top 10 Gamblers and Standard
2007 Versatility Pairs Finalist (3rd with fellow GVDCers Kristi and Cinder)
2007 ASCA All-Breed Tour Veteran Dog Champion
2006 National Standard Championship Finalist (4th)
2006 Versatility Pairs Finalist (2nd with Laura Jones and Betsy)
2006 Performance Speed Jumping Finalist (5th)
2006 Northwest Regional Champion 16″ Performance National Standard
2006 Performance Top 10 16″ Snooker
2005 DAM Team Tournament Finalist
2005 Top Ten Snooker 22″



Teri Thompson


Contact Point Beep:
Beginning his fun training journey in agility.


Teri came from a family of dog lovers. Growing up she has had several types of dog breeds, ranging from Lhasa Apso’s to Rottweiler’s. In 2002 Teri’s daughter started training their family Shih Tzu in Agility.

A year later Teri and her husband purchased a Border Collie for their daughter to train. After a few years of sitting with her daughter while training her dogs and driving her to competitions Teri got the bug to try agility herself. In 2005 Teri brought a Sheltie into their home to start training. That was all it took to become addicted to this sport. Teri competes in USDAA and AKC venues and has earned several titles on her Sheltie Ty and Border Collie Motion.

SW Regional Performance Speed Jumping 3rd place Finalist 2012
National Steeplechase Semi Finalist 2009
National Performance Speed Jumping Semi Finalist 2012



Excel FlashDrive N Motion ADCh, SCH, RCH, SACH, JCH, TM Bronze, GM, MX, MXJ,
T2B, OF, HSAs,
SC Regional Steeplechase Finalist 2012
SC Regional Grand Prix Finalist 2012
SW Regional Steeplechase Finalist 2012
National Grand Prix Semi Finalist 2012





Sherri Hollenbeck





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Anne Graumann





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Jackie Elphic





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Jean Muenster





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Dawn Weaver





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